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Slide 1: How to ContributeKnowledge on KEFRI Knowledge Base

If you want to be remembered for: a season, share food; a decade, plant trees; forever share knowledge. - adapted from Confucius

A ship is safest at the shore, but that's not what its build for. - Albert Einstien

Slide 2: First things first: Create account

You must login to contribute your knowledge to KEFRI Knowledge Base.

This means you must have an account username and password.
  1. On Home Page click register
  2. Use your official names
  3. Fill the form with requested information (KEFRI staff must use KEFRI Corportate email address)
  4. WikiName is a name that will identify you on the knowledge base (leave it as it has been identified unless there is a conflict: it must start with a capital letter followed by small letters and another capital followed by small letter example <nop>MyName)
  5. Once you register you will be required to verify your email by clicking on a link sent to your email
  6. Once your email is verified your account will be approved by the administrator ( you will recieve an email confirming this)

Slide 3: First things first: Login

  1. On Home Page click login ( to go to home page click KEFRI Logo)
  2. Enter your username or email address and your password
  3. Click logon
  4. You are now loggedin you should see a welcome greeting on the lefthand side menu

Slide 4: First things first: Forgot password?

  1. If you cannot remember you password, don't worry
  2. Click Having problems logging in? link
  3. Type in your username or email address and click reset password. You will receive a new password in your email.

Slide 5: Contribute Knoweldge: Creating a topic

  • On home page or on the right hand side menu click contribute knowledge link
  • You will be presented with a topic info form with the following fields:
    • Topic title: should be more than one word and should be sentence case
    • Topic Type: Select from the options given. If none fits your contribution, select default.
    • Thematic Area: Select one or more. To select more press Ctrl key and click.
    • Research Programme: Select one or more. To select more press Ctrl key and click.

Slide 6: Contribute Knoweldge: Creating a topic Con'd

    • Project/Section: Select from the options given. If your project is not listed, contact KM Office to include it.
    • Template: Select the appropirate template according to your topic type for example research protocol toptic type should go hand in hand with research protocol template. If there is no appropriate template select default.
    • Author(s): Type in the name of the author(s).
    • Summary: Type in the summary of the topic upto fifty words.
  • Click create this topic

Slide 7: Contribute knowledge: Editing a topic

  1. You will be presented with the new topic but lacking content. You will see three buttons at the top right hand corner
    1. edit (for changing and adding content to a topic),
    2. attach (for attaching documents, images, videos etc ot a topic) and
    3. subscribe (for chosing to be notified of changes to the topic)
  2. Click edit to edit
  3. Enter the content. You will be guided by the template you had selected while creating the topic
  4. To make changes to the information about the topic like title, thematic area and summary, click Form
  5. To determine who can view or edit your submission click Permissions
  6. To learn more on how to edit click Help
  7. Click
    1. Save:to save you content and leave editing window
    2. Save and continue:to enable you to continue making changes
    3. Preview:to see how the content will be seen after save

Slide 8: Lets start!

Go to Knoweldge Base (KB) Home, Discover, Contribute, search

For more information on Foswiki, the system that runs KEFRI Knowledge Base visit BeginnersStartHere

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