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Sept 2023 Journal Article Inoti, S. K., Onyango, A. A., Angaine, P. M., & Owino , J. O. (2023). Influence of Charcoal, Manure and Fertilizer Soil Amendment on Growth of Grevillea robusta Nursery Seedlings. Asian Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 9(4), 143–151.
Sept 2023 Journal Article Larwanou, Mahamane, Doris Mutta, Chemuku Wekesa, and Anders Roos (2023) Charcoal Trade in Niger—Product Flows and Business Models in Forests Vol. 14 no. 9: 1910.
Sept 2023 Journal Article Peter Murithi Angaine, Alice Adongo Onyango and Jesse Owino (2023) Seed Production and Handling of Two Important Conifers Grown in Kenya in Seed Biology - New Advances DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.1002322
Sept 2023 Journal Article Tarun Kumar Lohani, Gordon Sigu, Nellie Oduor, Selim Reza, and Jayaraman Durai (2023) Species-Site Suitability Assessment of Bamboo and Its Detailed Study in Different Agroecological Zones of Kenya In International Journal of Forestry Research DOI:
May 2023 Journal Article Rufo Gano, Michael Okeyo and Josephine Musyoki (2023) KEFRI: Restoring Kisayani Lagha Seasonal River with Bamboo. In Restoration Academy Quarterly. Volume 1 May 2023.
Nov 2023 Journal Article Victor Jaoko, Clauvis Nji Tizi Taning, Simon Backx, Pierfrancesco Motti, Jackson Mulatya, Jan Vandenabeele, Titus Magomere, Florence Olubayo, Guy Smagghe, Stefaan P.O. Werbrouck, Sven Mangelinckx (2023). Bioactivity-guided isolation of toosendanin and salanninolide from Melia volkensii and their antifeedant activity against economically important insect pests In Crop Protection. Volume 173, 2023. DOI:
July 2023 Journal Article Omondi, S. F., Githae, E. W., & Khasa, D. P. (2023). Long-distance gene flow in Acacia senegal: Hope for disturbed and fragmented populations. Ecology and Evolution, 13, e10292.
May 2023 Journal Article Dokata, D., & Mburu, B. (2023). Traditional Uses and Ex-Situ Conservation of Warburgia ugandensis around Katimok Forest Reserve, Kenya. East African Journal of Forestry and Agroforestry, 6(1), 163-173.
March 2023 Journal Article Jillo, R., Okeyo, M., Kamondo, B., Njehu, J., & Mosongo, A. (2023). Validating the Viability of Melia volkensii Seed Stored Extracted and in Nuts for Promoting Nature Based Enterprises and Conservation in Drylands, Kenya. East African Journal of Forestry and Agroforestry, 6(1), 98-112.
April 2023 Journal Article Samson M. Muloo, Jacinta M. Kimiti, Muusya Mwinzi and George M. Muthike (2023) Social-economic factors influencing the adoption of improved energy technologies in
Makueni and Machakos counties, Kenya In World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews vol. 18 No. 1 DOI:
April 2023 Journal Article Ojunga, S. O., Langat , D. K., Owange, K., Otuoma, J., Ayaga, G., Muskiton, K. C., Wanyiri, M., & Isack, M. (2023). The Medicinal plants and their economic value in Kakamega Forest Ecosystem: A case study of sustainable land/forest project in Western Kenya. <i>Journal of Medicinal Herbs and Ethnomedicine</i>, <i>9</i>, 18–25.
March 2023 Journal Article Joram K. Kagombe (2023) An Assessment of the Policy and Legislative Frameworks for Commercial Forestry Management in Kenya. American International Journal of Business Management (AIJBM) Volume 6, Issue 03, PP 30-41
Feb 2023 Journal Article Chiteva, R., Onyari, J. M., Njenga, L. W., & Madadi, V. O. (2023). Physicochemical and nutritional properties of Syzygium cumini (L.) skeels fruits grown in varied microclimates in Kenya. African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 17(1), 1-9. Access:
Jan 2023 Journal Article Mwadalu, R., Kisiwa, A., Elema, M. and Gathara, M. (2023). Potential of soil and water conservation technologies for dryland agriculture and forestry: Review Paper. Journal of Applied Biosciences, 181: 18925–18939.
March 2023 Journal Article Chemuku Wekesa, Doris Mutta, Mahamane Larwanou, Godwin Kowero, and Anders Roos (2023) Effects of charcoal ban on value chains and livelihoods in Kenyan coast – Stakeholders’ perceptions. Environmental Development. vol. 45. DOI:
Jan 2023 Journal Article Dokata, D., Mburu, B., Macharia, G., Choge, S., Ojunga, S., & Kaudo, B. (2023). Distribution, Conservation Status and Effects of Threats on Relative Abundance of Warburgia ugandensis Tree Species. A Case Study of Katimok Forest Reserve, Kenya. East African Journal of Forestry and Agroforestry, 6(1), 1-17.
Jan 2023 Journal Article Magrate M. Kaigongi, Gabriel M. Muturi, John N. Kigomo, Mary Gathara and John Otuoma (2023) Mixed species natural forest regeneration trajectory in clear-felled monoculture plantation sites in Kenya: A step towards ddeveloping a natural forests restoration framework. African Journal of Ecology DOI: 10.1111/aje.13102
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